Meet Doc Roddy

Originally from Northern Virginia, Dr. Roddy was exposed to a variety of cultures and viewpoints as a child.  Realizing at a young age that regardless of cultural background or socioeconomic status, all people have the right to good health, he was drawn to a career in medicine.  Through years of training and patient encounters Dr. Roddy developed a strong interest in physician advocacy.  He believes that it is the physician's responsibility to be educated on issues relevant to our health care system and to subsequently advocate on behalf of their patients and profession. 

Additionally through his career in medicine, Dr. Roddy realized the importance of being multi-lingual and how this can affect the doctor-patient relationship.  Through the years he has worked toward becoming fluent in Spanish attempting to increase his abilities to communicate and form relationships with those he encounters both in and outside of the hospital environment.  Currently Dr. Roddy is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Attending Physician at the Level I Trauma Center, Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Prior to moving Florida, Dr. Roddy completed his Emergency Medicine training in New York City as an emergency medicine resident in the Mount Sinai Department of Emergency Medicine.  While in NYC, Dr. Roddy served on the Mount Sinai School of Medicine Admissions Committee.  He also worked with America Needs You, a nonprofit that focuses on providing mentoring and resources to first generation college students.  His most memorial professional experience came in 2011, Dr. Roddy traveled to Haiti in the post-earthquake period and provided medical care in an environment with limited resources to patients with the direst needs. 

Dr. Roddy attended medical school in his home state at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine (VCU SOM).  While in medical school Dr. Roddy served as President of his medical school class.  He helped oversee all fundraising, class programing, and philanthropic initiates.  Additionally, Dr. Roddy traveled to both Honduras and South Africa where he helped provide medical care to those living in rural, indigent areas.  

Dr. Roddy is a graduate of Duke University, earning a B.A. in Economics while fulfilling his pre-med requirements.  He is an avid Duke Basketball fan and the younger of two siblings. 

Why create this site?

In late 2014, I was asked to give a grand rounds lecture to medical students, residents and other health care professionals.  My topic was “Updated Clinical Practices in Sepsis Management.”  This was an important topic given the importance of proper sepsis care in our Emergency Department.  Additionally new research papers had recently been publish which challenged many previously held notions of how to best manage this patient population.  After researching and putting together my lecture I gave it and it was warmly received.  After a moment of introspection I decided to post my lecture on facebook so I like many others could participate in the #FOAM movement. 

BOOM!  Again, I received positive feedback and my colleagues at work who had not attended my lecture thanked me for posting.  I then realized, I have been researching and participating in health care education for many years but few would know this because you had to be witness to my lectures to have actually learned or benefitted from them.

Why not #FOAM?  Better late than never!  I enjoy medical education, research as well as lecturing on important topics as they relate to patient care and medical decision making.  Paging Doc Roddy will be a posting of my life’s work as a physician for all to see, digest, discuss and hopefully learn from.  I also hope to continue learning during this process.

I say this is a blog by the people for the people because I hope to inspire submissions from other medical professionals and to post topics that will be interesting and informative not just to the medical community but to people generally.  Help this blog flourish by suggesting content and/or making submissions. 

Thank you. #FOAM #FOAMed #Progress #WhyNotMe #WhyNotYou #BetterLateThanNever #LifesWork #Medicine #MedicalEducation #HealthCare #Physicians #Patients

What is FOAM?

FOAM or FOAMed = Free Open Access “Meducation” or Free Open Access Medical Education

In June of 2012 this phrase was coined by Emergency Medicine and Critical Care innovators from Australia.  The phrases encapsulates the idea that everyone, anywhere at any time should have access to medical education for the purposes of spreading knowledge and working in a collaborative manner.  “Paging Doc Roddy” blog was created in the spirit of #FOAM #FOAMed and we hope the content posted here can add to the movement started in 2012 and continued to this day worldwide!