Identify the Condition

A 35 y/o F presents to the ED bibems s/p MVC, the patient is in obvious pain and you notice her left hip is flexed, internally rotated, and adducted.  Radiologic imaging is obtained.

Please identify this patient's condition and name two complications the patient is at risk for having/developing.  

Answer: Posterior Hip Dislocation

Posterior hip dislocations account for almost 90% of hip dislocations

High-energy blunt force trauma is the most common cause; in MVC the knees strike the dashboard and transmit the force through the femur to the hip

Dislocation of the hip joint is an orthopedic emergency.

Patients at risk for both nerve injury (sciatic and femoral) as well as AVN

IMPORTANT: The longer it takes to relocate a hip, the higher the risk of AVN.

ED Rx:

Adequate analgesia, thorough physical exam looking for other injuries, orthopedic consult, prompt hip reduction --> admission