Reflections from My Mother - The Joy of Exercising

If my mother can do it, so can you!  Paging Doc Roddy Blog is by the people for the people, I’m honored that the first submission to my blog not written by myself came from my mother.  She wanted to share her personal fitness story with our blog visitors.  Exercise means a lot to my mother and it still impresses me that even with her busy schedule she’s kept a consistent exercise regimen for many, many years.  Read, be inspired, exercise, and go be healthy and awesome!  Click to read more.

Mama Knows Best - Exercise Story

Mama Knows Best - Exercise Story

When I first started exercising in 1999, I had no idea that I would still be exercising a few times a week in 2015, sixteen years later.  At the suggestion from an old boyfriend, I had ventured out to my community center to see if any free exercise classes were available.   At that time, there were none and through a series of events, I took a course and became a certified exercise leader.   There was a practical exam and a written exam covering anatomy, exercise choreography and timing. Now equipped with all of this new knowledge, I was hired at the very community center where I had inquired about free exercise classes.  Back in 1999, step aerobics was popular and this is where I started.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening I would meet with a few faithful women and we would work up a sweat to pounding lively music. As a novice exercise leader I came to the point where I would look forward to my workouts and leading my class.  Over the years, exercise has helped me shed many pounds when my weight would start to creep upward.  It has also helped me maintain a healthier physical condition.  Exercise helps to keep blood sugar and blood pressure in check.  In addition, while exercising brain chemicals called endorphins are released which give a feeling of well-being.  Besides the physical benefits of exercise, meeting with and getting to know those you exercise with can become a powerful social support entity.  Working together with others with a common goal, be it to lose weight, improve one’s health or to just have fun, can be an awesome experience. I am hoping that with continued good health, I will be exercising for many more years in the future. If you haven’t tried exercise before, let’s get moving!  You will be glad that you did.  Brisk walking is a great way to start.

Love Mom

Do you have a personal exercise story or reflection to share?  Let me know and maybe we can get it on the site.  Thanks for reading.